Miyanaga HDPE Core Bit 45mm - PCC45C

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    Item #: PCC45C

    • Very good for drilling into HDPE Pipes.
    • Drilling in composite materials and wooden materials, such as resin-based artificial marble and FRP, is possible with a handy drill.
    • The use of marking blade provides excellent cutting performance for fiber materials.
    • Interior materials such as plywood, plaster boards, etc.
    • Resin materials such as FRP or polyvinyl chloride.
    • Resin artificial marble.
    • Wood such as two-by-fours.
    Cutter size: 25/32" to 8-1/4" (20mm to 210mm)
    Max. drilling depth: 4"(100mm)
    25/32" to 4-3/4"(20mm to 120mm)
    5"(130mm) 5-1/8" to 8-1/4"(130mm to 210mm)
    Shank size: S shanks: 3/8" (10mm)
    (Cutters of 25/32" to 1-3/4" (20mm to 45mm))
    L shanks: 33/64" (13mm)
    (Cutters of 2" to 8-1/4" (50mm to 210mm))