Pat Ryan

Position: Owner/Outside Sales
Time with Trade Tools: 30 years

Tim Miller
Position: City Desk
Time with Trade Tools: 2 years
*Previously with Seven Corners Hardware*

Sam Preiner
Position: City Desk
Time with Trade Tools: 1 year

Kelly DeGross
Position: Outside Sales
Time with Trade Tools: 4 years

Trade Tools started with two childhood friends from Deerwood, Minnesota (Dave Boardwell and John O’Brien). John had the idea of buying the Norton Sales Company, located on Territorial Road in Saint Paul. They first relied on the Remington Power Tools, until in 1965 they began selling “Skil”. With the addition of the "Skil" line, and Norton Sales taking different direction, Trade Tools moved out of its location on Territorial Road.
They moved shop just down the road a little ways to a new location in Saint Paul at 532 N Cleveland Avenue. It was here that Trade Tools really began to grow, acquiring new lines and products. In 1985 Trade Tools was sold to Pat Ryan Sr, and he soon moved the business to its current location at 2173 Energy Park Drive in Saint Paul.
In 2009 when Pat Ryan Sr. passed away the business was taken over by his wife, Karen Ryan, until she passed away six years later. Just this past year, after the passing of his mother, Pat Ryan Jr. took over as the owner and still owns Trade Tools to this day.
Since arriving at its current location in 1985, Trade Tools has continued to grow. We now carry some of the top lines in the industry. We proudly supply companies all over the metro area with high quality products, and top notch service.