Miyanaga 5/16" Cutter - DMU516C

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    Item #: DMU516C

    • Supplied water cools the diamond-tipped teeth, removes dust, and increases drilling efficiency.
    • By the automatic valve mechanism, water is fed to the cutting teeth only while drilling.
    • Since the cutter and body are connected with a thread, simply replacing the cutter will suffice when the cutter teeth are worn.
    • Cracks do not get clogged with dust. The backside surface breakaway is minimized after drilling.
    • Drilling work with low noise and the least amount of vibration and impact transferred to the worker.
    • Earthquake-resistant reinforcement work, water-proofing work, building exterior repair work, and drilling pilot holes for installation of anchor bolts.
    • Concrete, mortar, stone, and ceramic tiles drilling work.
    Bit size : 5/32" to 2 "
    Overall length : See size table.
    Shank size :
    Recommended rotation speed : 1,500 to 15,000rpm
    Double insulated electric drills (in the rotary-only mode)